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Nikki Battiste

Nikki Battiste Biography

Nikki Battiste is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning news journalist based in New York who presently works as a correspondent for CBS News. She started as a freelancing correspondent for the network in May 2017 before becoming a news correspondent.

All CBS News broadcasts and programs, including “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Evening News,” CBSN, and CBS News’ 24/7 live and streaming news service, feature her reporting. Battiste spent six years and three months as a producer and reporter for ABC News in New York before joining CBS News.

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Nikki Battiste Age

Nikki’s exact birthday is unknown to the general world. As a result, determining her exact age or when he celebrates her birthday is difficult. Nonetheless, we’re keeping an eye on things and will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

Nikki Battiste Height

Battiste stands at a height of roughly 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) and weighs a healthy amount. She also has dark brown hair and gorgeous light brown eyes.

Nikki Battiste Education

Battiste is a qualified and educated woman. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Battiste was a co-captain for the Division I Field Hockey team at Penn.

Nikki Battiste Family

Judy and Nick have a daughter named Battiste. We do not have any additional information about her siblings at this time, but we will gladly provide it as soon as it becomes available.

Nikki Battiste Husband and Married

Nikki Simpson is a married woman who shares her life with Dean Simpson. In May of 2012, the two met for the first time at the Standard Hotel’s Biergarten in New York City. Dean expressed his admiration for Nikki’s stunning smile. Then, while they conversed, he admired Nikki’s poise, elegance, and intrigue. Nikki recalled that their eyes connected before they could even speak, and he flashed this magnificent smile across his handsome face.

Nikki was already smitten by Dean’s charisma, kindness, genuineness, and seductive British-Welsh accent an hour later. Ironically, the two were scheduled to meet six months prior, when a mutual friend recommended Nikki meet up with this amazing, attractive Welsh guy who lived in New York. Nikki didn’t want to be duped, but that guy turned out to be Dean.

The couple’s engagement was celebrated with a surprise rooftop party in New York with Nikki’s friends and family. Nikki noted that his husband Dean had put so much effort into the day and that she was extremely fortunate. Dean, she said, is the most optimistic, kind, and gentle human she has ever met, and he is also stunning.

Nikki Battiste Wedding

The couple’s wedding was held at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, with a simple and personal atmosphere. The commemorations included a horse, as well as rituals and food from their many countries. Nikki walked with her father as he led a white horse for her into the ceremony.

The pair exchanged personal vows, and shortly after the ceremony concluded, a rainbow appeared. Nikki later charmed visitors by riding the horse during cocktail hour. The event began with the bride and groom doing a choreographed dance that included rumba, salsa, and hip-hop techniques. The pair went on their honeymoon to Italy’s Amalfi Coast for a romantic break amid beautiful surroundings.

Nikki Battiste Pregnancy

Nikki is about 34 weeks pregnant and is one of the millions of expectant women who are concerned about COVID-19’s health effects. To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, hospitals are barring spouses and companions from maternity rooms.

Doctors and pregnant women are more concerned about whether a newborn will get the virus after the mom gives birth. The flu is still more deadly for pregnant women, according to doctors. Although the coronavirus does not appear to transmit from mother to baby through the placenta or breast milk, it is too early to determine if there are any risks for women in their first trimester, such as miscarriage or birth abnormalities.

Nikki Battiste Salary

The average income for a CBS correspondent is from $51,735 to $56,227 per year. We don’t know Nikki’s exact salary at this time, but we’ll keep track and update as soon as we know.

Nikki Battiste Net Worth

As of 2021, Battiste’s net worth is predicted to be between $500K and $1 million dollars. This includes his property, funds, and earnings. Her job as a television personality is her principal source of income. She has amassed a good wealth as a result of his different sources of income, but she likes to live a humble lifestyle.

Nikki Battiste Career

Nikki Battiste CBS

Battiste began his career as a freelance correspondent for CBS Newspath, the Network’s 24-hour television newsgathering service for CBS stations and broadcasters throughout the world, in May 2017. She covered the Pennsylvania manhunt for four missing men, the Austin bomber, and the Parkland school shooting.

She has been a CBS News correspondent located in New York since 2018. She is well known for her work as a journalist who has won Emmy and Peabody awards. Her news reporting may be found on all CBS News broadcasts and platforms, including “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Evening News,” and CBSN, CBS News’ 24-hour live streaming service.

She has also covered breaking news for the network, including Hurricane Michael, the case of Colorado’s missing mother, Kelsey Berreth, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and the New Zealand mosque shooting.

Nikki Battiste ABC

Prior to joining CBS News, she was an award-winning ABC News producer and reporter located in New York. She traveled the world for ABC News television programs such as “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” “World News Tonight,” “20/20,” and ABCNews.com, covering breaking news and feature stories.

Battiste covered the Amanda Knox case extensively from Perugia, Italy, as well as the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Perth, Australia. She also covered the school killings in Newtown and Virginia Tech, the San Bernardino attack, the Charleston Mother Emanuel Church shooting, the Orlando nightclub massacre, and the Brussels attacks.

Nikki has worked on a number of “20/20” specials and jail interviews, including the Casey Anthony murder trial, “Honeymoon Killer,” “Life of Lies,” and “Black Widow.” Battiste’s own investigation for “20/20” discovered evidence that helped clear a police officer falsely accused of sexually abusing his own children and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Nikki Battiste Awards

Nikki began her career as an NBC News Page, working on shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “Today,” before moving on to “Today” as a production associate. She has received numerous Emmy, Edward R Murrow, and CINE Golden Eagle awards, as well as Peabody, Deadline, and FrontPage honors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nikki Battiste

Who is Nikki Battiste?

She is a CBS journalist now based in the United States.

How old is Nikki Battiste?

Details about her date of birth are not known therefore it is not known when she celebrates her birthday.

How tall is Nikki Battiste?

She is 165 centimeters tall.

Is Nikki Battiste married?

Dean Simpson, her kind and attractive husband, and met him in May 2012 at the Standard Hotel’s Biergarten in New York City.

How much is Niki Battiste worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be between $500K and $1 million. This sum has been accumulated as a result of her prominent activities in the journalistic profession.

Where does Nikki Battiste live?

She and her spouse now live in New York City.

Where is Nikki Battiste now?

Since 2018, Nikki has worked as a CBS News correspondent located in New York.

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